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M. Karl Foitek, owner of the Lamborghini dealership of Zürich, also Enzo Ferrari’s personal friend 





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308 CPB 78 

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1977 Ferrari 308 GTB Competition Group
The very first racing 308 G4 Injection.

Delivered new to be the personal car of M. Karl Foitek, the owner of the Lamborghini dealership of Zürich, who was also Enzo Ferrari’s personal friend. He had it converted in 1978 into a race car by Garage Ruf AG of Oftringen / Switzerland.

In 1979, Ferrari was testing 308 with different engines at Monza race track with Jacky Ickx and Clay Regazzoni. Foitek was there with this car and was always much quicker than the Ferrari factory cars. Enzo Ferrari gave money to Michelloto to make the famous 308 Michelotto’s cars.

Karl Foitek drove the car in the Swiss championship at Hockenheim, Dijon (First place), Imola (First place), Patnot (First place) and Endberg.

At Hockenheim in 1981, the car was 2 seconds quicker each lap than the well known 308 G4 “Entremont” car made by Michelotto. At this time the car was painted in Blue and driven by Jean-Claude Andruet.

In the 80's the Americans fully restored the car and even made it lighter. It raced with the Los Angeles Lamborghini dealer at the August 1984 Ferrari race at Laguna Seca. The car has been made as light as possible, it has a two racing gearboxes, one suitable for tracks is currently fitted in the car and a spare one (available for an extra 10,000 Euros) with close ratio, suitable for hill climb races is aside.

The car came back to Europe in the 90’s to enter a prominent Ferrari collection. (It was previously listed with another history, saying that it was a copy of Michelotto’s car, which is not possible since it was built 18 months before the first Michelotto cars. Some rumours also said that the car was involved in an accident before conversion for racing specification, but it was the personal car of Mr. Karl Foitek and he confirmed that it has never been involved in any accident).

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