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Ramsey Motors Inc, Monterey, California 

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Clint Eastwood (Actor - not confirmed) 





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Original California Car, 1 of 100 US Spec Fiberglass 308 GTB's An original California car fitted with California
emission controls and allegedly sold to Clint Eastwood in 1976 by Ramsey Motors Inc of Monterey, CA.

From the owner’s records it is believed this is one of the last US Specification Fiberglass car built in July of 1976.

The support for the Clint Eastwood ownership is a copy of a letter written by the owner of Ramsey Motors, attesting that Clint bought 2 cars from there and 19803 was one of the two.

The following comments are from a person who inspecte the car when it was for sale in February 2011:

"The car is in pretty good overall shape. It is currently a good condition 35 year old driver. It does not appear to have been in any major accidents (on the surface), but there are defects.

The exterior has the ripples in the fiberglass that I recall from mine and others I've seen, but I didn't see any areas of visible weave. The paint is irregular with bubbles in many areas, uneven rubbing/polish, some wear streaking, some crazing, and hints of overspray on the front hood and fenders (probably for rock chips). The front air dam is undamaged, but the front trunk corners behind the air dam are both scraped through. The rest of the underbody looks pretty clean. The driver door has even gaps and is flush, the passenger door has even gaps, but the rear edge protrudes about 1/8" from flush. The sills look original, with some scraping and chipping particularly on the driver side. Their appears to be a filled in patch about 2" round on the passenger rocker panel. The rear section and engine cover look pretty good.

The interior is in very good shape. There is one slit about 2" long on a cabin trim edge and there is some unevenness/bubbling about 3-5" round in the leather in front of the window/dash air vents. The carpeting and leather are otherwise in nice shape. The seats almost seemed too nice, the leather seats had a coarser grain & tougher feel than the dash/armrests, so possibly redone. The windows looked original and were marked St. Gobain, except for the windshield which was marked Sigla. The felt strips on the side windows were shot.

Did not start the car, service records were retained by the owner (car is on consignment), so not available. Reportedly he is the 4th owner, purchased in 2004, and has the car serviced in the South Bay. "

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