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Engine #


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Date of order


Date order confirmed


Date of manufacture


Date of receipt


Date of customer delivery


Original dealer /agent

Maranello Concessionaires 

Country of delivery

United Kingdom 

Factory invoice #


Factory order #


Factory delivery method



Mr Hing Lim of London, a restaurant owner 


Salchi with Beige leather VM 3234 and Beige carpets 


Rosso Chiaro 

Colour group





Pre-radio wiring fitted 

Oil System

Dry Sump 


Euro (RHD) 

Original purchase price


Last sale price


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Original registration #

NCC 15 

Other registration #'s

MJF 308 

Current owner


Owner since


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Previous owners

Mr and Mrs F. Fitton of Cheshire, circa 1980
Mr Mark Foster of Surrey, 6/8/87 from Nick Cattwright, £30,000, 22,359 miles
Mr John Snowdon of Surrey, 28/6/86, 24,808 miles.
Mr Herbert Pigelstorfer of Buckinghamshire, 18/2/1998, 25,800 miles, £35,000.
Mr Richard Hunt CBE of Surrey,7/7/2002, 30,800 miles

Factory Options



7.5" wide wheels

Race Car


Restoration status

Original (unrestored)

History & other Information

Update November 2009
Ordered new, order number F-028-by Maranello Concessionaires-possibly making this the 28th of the 154 fibreglass GTB’s imported to the UK- Ltd for their then agents, Lazenby Garages of Rothley-later to become Cooper cars, Leicestershire on the 14th November 1975 in Rosso Chiaro 20-R-190 Salchi with Beige leather VM 3234 and Beige carpets and pre radio wring, as the only option, along with 3 kilos of spare paint,. The car was completed –it has assembly number 30-and invoiced to Maranello Concessionaires Ltd on the 17th May 1976 for delivery to the UK by lorry.

The car was invoiced to Lazenby Garages on the 29th June 1976 by Maranello Concessionaires. The car was first registered to Mr Hing Lim of London, a restaurant owner, on the 28th January 1977 by the dealer Cooper Cars of Leicestershire-the new trading name of Lazenby Garages. Tony Willis then sales manager of Coopers/Lazenbys, now of Ferrari UK recalls selling the car new to Mr Lim. Interestingly Maranello records show the car as being delivered to the customer on the 2nd July 1976, but it was not registered-NCC 15- until the 28th January 1977.

The then (01.10.76) list price of £11997.18 plus delivery, number plates, and road tax,.Interestingly the lower half of the car could be had in Black for an additional £84.24.

The 1980 Ferrari Owners Club register records Mr and Mrs F. Fitton of Cheshire as the owner. Mr and Mrs Fitton would have been the second or the third owners.(DVLA records should be able to show the correct order and add the missing owner)

In any event it was it was sold to the fourth owner, Mr Mark Foster of Surrey, by renown marque specialist, Nick Cartwright, on the 6th August 1987 for some £30,000 with 22,359 recorded miles. Mr Foster re-registered to its current registration number, MJF 308 .Nick Cartwright was engaged to prepare the engine bay to concours ,and again in 1989 it was back with Nick Cartwright for further detailing ,when a further £7451.92 was spent on invoice number 176,The car was duly entered in the July 1990 Ferrari Owners Club concours were it won its class with 344 points from a possible 400 points-15 points clear of the second place car. It is worth noting in November1990 the car was value and insured for £90,000.

Mr Foster sold the car to Mr John Snowdon of Surrey on the 28th June 1986 with 24,808 recorded miles. Maintenance passed to Neil Corns then of CCH in Hertfordshire.

Purchased by the penultimate owner, Mr Herbert Pigelstorfer of Buckinghamshire, on the 18th February 1998 with 25,800 recorded miles, for £35,000. Maintenance of the car continued with Corns & Chiltern Hunt .This included overhauling the shock absorbers, valve timing, new cam-belts, wheel refurbishing, new clutch as well as routine servicing, MOT’ing and storage of the car. It was part-exchanged with Surrey Ferrari specialist, Talacrest for a 355 GTS F1 in April 2002.

Purchased by the last owner, Mr Richard Hunt CBE of Surrey, who bought the car on the 7th July 2002 with 30,700 recorded miles from Talacrest. Maintenance passed to Neal Lucas of Surrey with the demise of Talacrest.

April 2010
Car advertisied for sale at Rardley Motors - Car complete as new with all of its original tools hand books,wallet old mot certificates and invoices. As well as documented ownership history from new plotting the 33,000 recorded miles.

Some of the information on this page was supplied courtesy of Rardley Motors, Headley Road Grayshott, Hindhead, Surrey, UK (

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