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15346 OM 

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Leonardo Fioravanti, Pininfarina 





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TO R68746 

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Leonardo Fioravanti, Pininfarina designer of the Ferrari 308.  Born in 1938, he studied mechanical engineering at the Politecnico di Milano, specializing in aerodynamics and car body design.  He worked at Pininfarina for 24 years, then moved to Ferrari and later became Director of Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. 

In 1987 he founded Fioravanti Srl as an architecture consulting studio. In 1991 the company’s activities were expanded to include transportation and industrial design services. The company philosophy is based on three concepts:
- to design is to engrave upon reality;
- style is a means of perception;
- to perceive innovative concepts through awareness of the past.

The company headquarters are located in Moncalieri, an historic town lying in the Piedmont foothills outside the city of Turin, Italy. Among his creations are the Ferrari Dino, the Ferrari Daytona, the Ferrari P5 and P6, the Ferrari 512 Berlinetta Boxer, the Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2 (the forerunner of the Ferrari 400), the Ferrari 308 GTB, and the Ferrari 288 GTO.  He is currently General Director and Chief Executive Officer at Fioravanti Srl.

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This car is one of the most significantly historic 308's being a special version made for Leonardo Fioravanti, the Pininfarina designer of the 308, Dino, Daytona and 365 / 512BB.

Improvements recommended personally by Enzo Ferrari and executed by the experienced team at Maranello:
- Wheels TR 390x165
- Tyres MICHELIN TRX 200/55 VR 390
- New springs, shock absorbers and suspension
- Engine valve timing modified to suit to sports driving

Changes requested by Leonardo Fioravanti:
- Burgundy leather seats instead of red
- Burgundy color carpets instead of red
- Document pocket behind the rear seats
- Momo steering wheel with thicker rim

This car has participated in Ferrari club racing and the 50th Ferrari anniversary celebrations with number 2193.  It was also exhibited in 2004 at the Ferrari Museum at Maranello in the context of the show “history of 8 cylinder”

Exposed Ferrari officially to the Historical Museum for the exhibition? History of the 8 cylinders? in 2004 For more information contact Mr. Edward Schon at 02/5770091 email Rossocorsa official Ferrari and Maserati dealership is for Lombardy.

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