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Welcome to the Ferrari 308 GTB Fiberglass Register.  No this is not a register for replica Ferrari’s but is actually for the very first 308's that were manufactured from 1975 to 1977 with fiberglass bodies.  This website was setup to provide current and future owners with an extensive historical database of information about these increasingly rare and valuable cars.  Our aim is to record as much information about every one of the 712* fiberglass cars produced, whether they be on the road, sitting in a restorers shed, or gone forever. 

If you own one of these cars, or were a previous owner, then please contact us to help keep this archive accurate and current.  We don't just do this for the current owners, but for the future generations who will one day appreciate the knowledge we all take for granted.  New and updated information can be emailed to us at and we will not include any information on the website that identifies your name, address or contact details if you do not want.

To view the cars currently in the archive please select from the Register menu on left of the page.  With the listing for each car you’ll also find a link to one or more photos which provide a excellent reference source for identifying original components and specifications. This website is not a replacement for other Ferrari and 308 Registers as our aim is to record detailed historical information about each car, not just the production information.

Fiberglass is also often called fibreglass, glass fibre, glass fiber, vetroresina, fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) and glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) depending on what country you live in.  But the basic material made from "fine fibers of glass" remains largely the same and was invented in 1938 by the Owens Corning Corporation.

* The actual total number of fiberglass cars produced is not confirmed. Some sources claim 712 were produced but others believe it was closer to 818.

* Featured Car - Chassis #19051, 
1976 Ferrari 308 GTB Michelotto

Antonio Zanini's Spanish Championship winning car from 1984, build by Michelotto as one of only 15 true Michelotto rallycars.   The most successful of six survivors with racing history.  Michelotto is the closest Ferrari has ever had to their own racing preparation subcontractor, a close and long lasting relationship which has included construction of the now highly sought after F40LM  and maintenance and development of the open 333SP racer. Click here to see this cars full register entry


Copyright © 2014, Ferrari 308 GTB Fiberglass Register and respective copyright owners where applicable - No content on this website may be used or referenced without permission.   This website is a not for profit private project and not affiliated or connected with Ferrari S.p.A Italy or any other organisation.  Please view our website disclaimer page for further details.
Website last updated 17th January, 2017

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If you're an owner or dealer who has a Fibreglass 308 GTB for sale then send us a link to your car and we'll be happy to include it below for no charge.

Please note since 2013 the average sale price of fiberglass 308's has increased significantly and as a result very few cars are now being listed for sale. 

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